2018 in review


Club of the Year

On the Annual Camporee for Pathfinders and Adventurers, the Dublin Royals Club got the Club of the Year Prize.

Afternoon fellowship

As spring came in full force on the first weekend of May, many members spent the Sabbath afternoon together (at home, or in a park) on a fellowship lunch.

Irish Mission Camporee 2018

Full participation in the Annual Camporee of the Irish Mission - Pathfinders and Adventurers.


Elders' meeting

We had our first meeting with elders and head deacons of the Dublin churches for a most important subject - the second building in Dublin.

Checking the urbanistic plans

Several board members got heavily involved into checking places, churches, venues, plans where a second church can have its building in Blanchardstown.

Stewardship Drive

Pastor David Neal presented to the elders of Dublin churches a Stewardship Drive Project that will be held in May.

Filipino Choir

On our diversity program, we have been blessed to listen to our Filipino Choir - Celestial Melodies.

Sundays for Pathfinders

While Saturdays are for Ranelagh, Sundays are practical training sessions in Dublin West - like putting up a tent! (for the May Camporee)

Screening Is Genesis History?

On 21st of April we've all watched the movie-documentary Is Genesis History? We had many visitors, some coming from Facebooks ads, some from flyers being given by our members.

Running with a Pro

Our friend and champion Frans is training every Sunday morning all those interested in a fitness program for a healthy life.

Fun time together

Bowling together, with youth and friends from Dublin West and other churches also.


Church closed 🙂

By the time the spring arrived, it came clothed in winter's white snow. We all worshipped in our houses or different other places with family and friends.

Pathfinder Bible Experience

Our Youth in Dublin Royals Pathfinders Club represented us in the Union level contest - testing their Bible knowledge from the books Esther and Daniel.

Mental Health Training

Members of DW participated to the Community Resiliency Seminar provided by Loma Linda University International Behavioural Health Trauma Team.

Youth singing in Cork

Berlinda led a group of young people from Dublin West and Ranelagh to Cork for a day trip, serving in praising God in the Cork SDA Church.

Leaving Coolmine

Learning that we will have to leave our place of worship, we started preparing for the move - An afternoon seminar on Managing Discontinuous Change.

Visit of the BUC treasurer

Our IM and BUC treasurer, br. Earl R., visited Dublin West and answered our many questions regarding the finances of the church.

More blessed to give...

After our Communion service, we collected stuff for donations (clothing, food, money and other), being given to Hope in the Darkness organization which helps homeless people in Dublin.

3 Missions Easter Retreat

This year it was our turn as Irish Mission to host the Annual 3 Missions Easter Retreat, in Northern Ireland.


Filipino Service

Once a month all the Filipino members of our church gather with all other Filipino members in the area. This month the preacher was our pastor.

Baby shower

Yes, it's a boy! Many of our senior youth and other friends gathered for a baby shower with Florence and Iphi Mhlanga.

Torben Bergland

TED Health Department Director visited us on 10 February, with a morning presentation on LOVE and an afternoon on ATTACHMENT. See Galleries/Video.

Home Away - Music

We enjoyed the music ministry of Home Away group. The 4 songs can be listened to in the Galleries/Video section. of our website.

Belfast Youth Weekend

Belfast Youth Weekend was the start signal for many other youth events this year.

Is Genesis History?

On our Friday night prayer meeting we learned about the next Evangelism event in IM - screening the documentary Is Genesis History?

Pathfinders on their way to Newbold

Our Pathfinders (Dublin Royals) qualified to the Bible contest and they are headed towards next stage, Newbold College contest.

Women Ministry Retreat

Have you been involved in another event, not listed here? Send us the picture and it will be added to our review. Don't wait for someone to inspire you. Be an inspiration yourself!

Watching Is Genesis History?

Since our women were busy in their Women Retreat, the men participated in a screening of Is Genesis History?, in preparing for our Evangelism.

Mission trip to Dominican Republic

Our pastor along with other youth and pastors from British Union Conference served in a mission trip to Dominican Republic.


Happy New Year 2018!

Different families in the church grouped together in houses to celebrate a new year coming.

Reading Proverbs

We were invited to start the year with a new challenge - read the book of Proverbs, one chapter a day.

A better website

We added new features to the website, more articles and resources, a video gallery, a newsletter service, and even this review in pictures.

Baby dedication - Rose

Our member Sebastian Pohl is the proud grandfather of Rose. Along with another family in the church we went to the parents' house for a baby dedication.

Prayer meetings (English)

Every Friday night in sister Jacinta's house one can come to join a prayer group. At 7pm.

Planning youth activities

Having a new Youth leader, some new plans are in the making: for church activities, trips, outreach and Sabbath school youth group.

Llew and Karin Edwards

On 12 January we had the opportunity to listen to pastor Llew and Karin Edwards, sharing the Word of God and their personal testimony in fighting the cancer.

Baby dedication - Chloe

Joseph, Wilma and Lisa, along with their friends, brought Chloe to church to be blessed by the God of heavens.

Sermons video recordings

We've started recording our programs so that valuable contents can be viewed again or shared easily. Look in Gallery/Video.

Prayer meetings (EN/RO)

Every Tuesday night we meet in houses in Blanchardstown to study and pray (mostly Romanian language and also in English language).

Pathfinders / Adventurers Bible Experience

Middle of January, a Bible contest for Pathfinders and Adventurers. Dublin Royals Club goes to the next level!

Women Ministry and Dorcas

New leaders, new plans following our meetings. In short time you will see the fruits of our planning and praying for Women Ministry and Dorcas.

Jamaican Service

The divine service for the last Sabbath of the month was directed by our Jamaican sisters and children.

Open discussion on "SDA hot potatoes"

Open discussion with panel and small groups about "celebrating Christmas". We were enlightened by Romans 14.