Bulletin – Sabbath 8 September 2018


Church in prayer (7:30 – 9:00 pm)

– Songs of worship
– Inspirational talk
– Prayer time
– Socializing time

Meeting place – Blanchardstown (at sis. Jacinta’s house). There is also an WhatsApp group for the participants. Join now (087 742 1360) and/or share your prayer requests.


Church at study – Sabbath School (10:00 – 11:30 am)

– Songs of worship and prayer
– Inspirational talk
– Mission spotlight
– Study time on different classes
– Closing song and prayer

Quaterly study materials – Book of Acts. View or download here the current lesson.


Church at worship (11:45 am – 1:15 pm)


– Song Service: Youth
– Invocation: Preacher
– A word of welcome and Introduction: Melissa
– Opening Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness (#100)


– Offertory Reading: Alyn
– Receiving of Tithes and Offerings (#369)
– Doxology: “Praise God” (#694)
– Prayer for the offerings

Special features

– Children story: Angela T.


– Scripture Reading: Abel (Mark 4:2-9)
– Congregational prayer: Theda
– Sermon: “The Power of Will” (Christian Salcianu)


– Closing Song: Lord, I Want to Be a Christian (#319)
– Benediction
– Recessional Hymn: “We Have This Hope” (#214)


We eat together (1:45 – 2:45 pm)

All are invited to continue our fellowship by sharing the meal in the Upper Room. Bring the best and healthiest food and drink!

Please be attentive to the kids during this time and stick to this simple requirement: no food in the sanctuary 🙂


We minister to the church (starting at 3:00)

As the church year starts (see 2018 in review here), all the church board members are invited to a meeting in the Upper Room. If you have ideas, issues and other things to be known by the church board for a fruitful discussion and plans for Dublin West, please contact any of the church board members.


The Reformation and the Remnant
Dr. Nicholas Miller from Andrews University will visit Irish Mission next Sabbath. Guest speaker for Northern Ireland Day of Fellowship, he will preach in Dublin on Friday night (14 September at 8pm). An open invitation for all to the Romanian SDA Church in Jobstown (www.bisericaadventista.ro/contact). The presentation will be based on Dr. Miller’s latest book “The Reformation and the Remnant” (see a book review here) and will be focused on the theme of The Great Controversy.

Pastor Greg preaching in Dublin West
For more than a year now we have been blessed by Pastor Greg Davis with his presence, sermons and presentations. Next Sabbath is a new opportunity to be led in study and worship by Pastor Greg.

Lord’s Supper
Add to your calendar 22 September, as the date for our Communion service or Lord’s Supper. It is a good time to get together, ask for forgiveness, turn a new page and learn from our Lord.

Hope in the Darkness
As usual for a number of times now, when we are coming for what the Lord has provided for us, we are invited also to bring something for others. Accordingly, once a quarter, please come with all things necessary for those in need (Matthew 25:31-46) – food, clothes, hygiene products, money, which we will donate to Hope in the Darkness (see Greetings from Gadara)

EVENTS TO BE CONFIRMED (date/location)


– Church Elections for Officers and Leaders for Departments (last year we started on the 2nd Sabbath of October)
– Ballinacrow Weekend (last weekend in October)
– “Caring not Scaring” (a social evening for kids, at the church, as a healthy alternative for the Halloween night) (Alyn, Melissa)

– Week of Prayer (can you dedicate one week’s evenings or mornings for prayer, maybe even meetings?)
– Thanksgiving Day
– Dublin Day of Fellowship (24 Nov.)

– Baptism
– A social event for families and singles of the church (Jacinta)
– “Praise in song”, an afternoon program of Dublin Youth Group (Berlinda)