Bulletin – Sabbath 22 September 2018


Church in prayer (7:30 – 9:00 pm)

– Songs of worship
– Inspirational talk
– Prayer time
– Socializing time

Meeting place – Blanchardstown (at sis. Jacinta’s house). There is also an WhatsApp group for the participants. Join now (087 742 1360) and/or share your prayer requests.


Church at study – Sabbath School (10:00 – 11:30 am)

– Songs of worship and prayer
– Inspirational talk
– Mission spotlight
– Study time on different classes
– Closing song and prayer

Quaterly study materials – Book of Acts. View or download here the current lesson.


Church at worship (11:45 am – 1:45 pm)


– Song Service: Youth
– Invocation: Preacher
– A word of welcome and Introduction: Justina
– Opening Song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus (#499)


– Offertory Reading: Lenah
– Receiving of Tithes and Offerings (#369)
– Doxology: “Praise God” (#694)
– Prayer for the offerings

Special features

– Children story


– Scripture Reading: Ivan
– Sermon: pastor Christian Salcianu
– Special item: Children’s choir
– Foot Washing
– Special item: Celestial Melodies
– Lord’s Supper


– Closing Song: Near to the Heart of God (#495)
– Benediction


We eat together (2:00 – 3:00 pm)

All are invited to continue our fellowship by sharing the meal in the Upper Room. Bring the best and healthiest food and drink!

Please be attentive to the kids during this time and stick to this simple requirement: no food in the sanctuary 🙂


We learn together (3:00 – 4:00 pm)

Our afternoon program is dedicated to a study continuing the Sabbath School lesson. Have you noticed the passage and question that start the Friday section?

“Did the mind of Agrippa at the words of Paul revert to the past history of his family, and their fruitless efforts against Him whom Paul was preaching?”

We will check the history and see the four kings, all 4 Herods, that were being used by Satan to fight against the one King Jesus.


22 September. Hope in the Darkness

As usual for a number of times now, when we are coming for what the Lord has provided for us, we are invited also to bring something for others. Accordingly, once a quarter, please come with all things necessary for those in need (Matthew 25:31-46) – food, clothes, hygiene products, money, which we will donate to Hope in the Darkness (see Greetings from Gadara)

29 September. Power of 39,000

Day of free literature distribution – On Sabbath 29th September 2018 we are anticipating that all our members, friends, Sabbath School members and visitors will join hearts and hands to distribute over three hundred thousand (300,000.00) pieces of literature throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The FREE resources we are supplying this year are “The Power of Hope (Overcoming depression, anxiety, guilt and stress)” and “Health & Wellness”.

For Dublin West we have 100-120 pieces of each title available this Sabbath.


6 October. Business meeting

As mentioned in our last church board meeting, there is a need for a Business meeting to discuss several things for a better management and serving of the church. Please let us know in advance your ideas, questions or challenges, so that the church board members and departamental leaders, along with the pastor will be better equipped to answer or suggest.

6 October. Church elections.

The same business meeting will be useful also for our church elections processs, that will start on the same day. A full article with resources has been posted here, please check: http://dublinwestsda.ie/2018/09/10/elections-in-the-church/

31 October. “Caring not Scaring”

We intend to have a social evening for kids, at the church, as a healthy alternative for the Halloween night. All those who want to be involved as helpers (staff) and those who will bring kids will contat Alyn, Melissa. We will soon come with more details.

10 November. Harvest Day

Another opportunity to praise the Lord for His blessings will be on th second Sabbath of November, when we will organize the Harvest Day in the church.

24 November. Dublin Day of Fellowship

Once a year all Adventists in Dublin Area are invited to worship together. Our guest speaker will be Llew Edwards and the venue will be Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown (Tyrrelstown). We are making preparations for a full program for a day of praise, joy, fellowship and growing together. As last year, Stanborough Press will be coming also, so be prepared to buy books and other supplies for a better life and mission.