Sabbath #1/2018, January 5


We are thankful to God for taking care of us in 2018. A new year is ahead of us, with challenges and opportunities. We have a fresh serving team of church officers and leaders of departments. We hope that each one of Dublin West members and friends will find his/her place in happily serving the Lord, His church and His people in the larger community of Dublin 15.

Sabbath services program

Friday Night Meeting | 7:30 pm

Our Bible study and prayer meeting group extens an invitation to all able to join every Friday night for a small group study, prayer and fellowship. Meetings take place in different location. All those interested, please use the following link to add yourself and join the WhatsApp group entitled 2 Chronicles 7:14​

Sabbath School Service | 10:00 am

January theme: Experience prayer with God

Opening song: I need Thee every hour
Opening prayer: Angela T.
Mission spotlight
Promotional: “Just Breathe!”
Lesson study by small groups
Closing song
Closing prayer: Melissa E.

We started a new quarter, studying the amazing book of Revelation. You can download the study or view it online checking the following link:

Sabbath Main Worship | 11:45 am

Song service
Welcome: presider, Lenah M.
Opening song: SDAH #482
Tithes and offerings: Adam C.
Children story: Angela T.
Bible reading: Ana Beatriz (Genesis 39:3-4)
Prayer: Theda R.
Sermon: “Working with God”, elder Ropo D.
Closing song: SDAH #554
Blessing (prayer)
Recessional Hymn: SDAH #214

Fellowship Lunch | 1:45 pm

All are invited to continue our fellowship by sharing the meal in the Upper Room. Bring the best and healthiest food and drink! Please be attentive to the kids during this time and stick to this simple requirement: no food in the sanctuary. Thank you.

Sabbath Afternoon | 3:00 pm

A message posted on Mens WhatsApp Group and Women WhatsApp Group:

Please let us start the year with the assurance of Divine Guidance, never to be weary in our service for the Lord.

Please we will specifically ask the Brothers attending church this First Sabbath of the year to bring drinks and our Sisters help with good portion of food that we may share for portluck as we look forward to a Praise and Testimony time for the Afternoon Programme.

May God’s hands continue to hold us together. Amen.