Newsletter 14 Dec

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers […] day by day, attending the temple together […] praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.
(Acts of the Apostles, 2:42-47)

This is Dublin West.
Come and see!

Sabbath Program

10:00-11:30 Sabbath School

Opening Song
Prayer: TJ

Welcome: Alyn
Mission spotlight: TJ
Special music: Thea
Promotional talk: Thomas
Lesson review: Christian (pastor)

Lesson study: “Backslidden People”

Closing song
Closing prayer

11:45-1:15 Divine service

Song service: Youth
Welcome: presider, elder Ropo

Opening song
Tithes & offerings reading: Joana

Children story

Scripture reading: Acts 6:1-4 (Keziah)
Congregational prayer: Ramil

Sermon: Serving at the Table vs Serving at the Pulpit (pastor Christian)

Closing song
Recessional hymn


1:30-1:45 Meeting with Deacons and Deaconesses

A short meeting with deacons and deaconesses will follow the service, where they will be introduced to their specific tasks. The meeting will take place in the main hall, on the front rows.

2:00-2:45 Fellowship lunch

All are welcome to the fellowship lunch, in the Upper Room. Please bring your best and healthiest food, one that can bring joy and also nourishment and strength to our bodies. Mind that it should be a food easy to clean after! (As always, please take no food on the ground level.)

3:00 Afternoon program – study & pray

For the afternoon we are invited to stay for a prayer session based on a short devotional and reflection time on Psalm 23The Lord is My Shepherd. Probably we know it by heart, but… when did we last read it as is, or took time to reflect on it? When did we last put it to the test and believed it? Remember, reflection on Scripture is the best ingredient for spiritual growth.


Lord’s Supper – Communion Service

Please note the 21 December Sabbath as a special one when we’ll have the Communion service. Plan to be present as it will be a blessing for all.

We’ve learned that other churches haven’t had it for many months, up to a year… Please invite others to join Dublin West, if they are missing such special divine service opportunities in their churches.

Ski Trip 2020

We made a special page with all the info regarding the Ski Trip to Romania. 17 people (youth and some adults) have already booked and confirmed. If you secured your ticket, let us know and we’ll update the list. Soon we’ll have to talk about other logistics:

Other events this afternoon/evening

  1. Led by Axel and Theda, a team will go to distribute the Great Controversy book on the street. At 3pm in Henry Street. Please contact Axel and join or support the effort.
  2. Youth Outpost meeting with Douglas McCormac at CityNorth Hotel. All details here
  3. For the Winter Praise 2019, Dublin Youth in Praise led by Berlinda will sing in Ranelagh Church, at 5:30pm. (You have all received the poster on WhatsApp message.)

Adventist Community Services Dublin

Last Saturday the ACS was where it should be – serving on the street. Thank you all for making it real!

Tomorrow is the 3rd Sunday of the month. Thank you Axel and Joana for making sandwiches. From January on we might go twice a month. Be ready!

Our next turn as Dublin West church for serving full table on the street is the following Saturday, 21 December. Make sure you talk to Angela M. and others involved to help at the right spot.

See the last developments below and make sure you hit the like button for the page – some haven’t…