Building Gallery

Floor Plans (Current) in meters. 

Thick line = solid wall. 

Dotted line = partition wall. (Grey/round dotted line = hallway separator)

Ground Floor

First Floor

View of hall from right side corner.

Proposal with platform on the right, main entrance via lobby.

Proposal with platform on the left, main entrance via roller room.





Middle room (on the right side of reception)

The Roller room

The Hall (full height now)

Note: the 4th picture is from a unit similar to Elim. Taken by Ropo in 2018, when along with Vasile we were looking for a unit to rent. This is how Elim would have looked like before renovations. For comparison only.


Note: the 4th picture is a hallway next to stairs (left), on the first floor, that would have led to the mezzanine – see the brown door on the 2nd picture on the row above.

Two rooms with windows

Two small rooms/storage spaces

Main room (first floor)

Just for us 🙂

Note: we are making some drawings, looking at some 3D simulations. While visiting the families of Tom, Ferdy, Ropo and Vasile.