Vacation Bible School 2018

Your kids can’t miss this – A Vacation Bible School / Holiday Bible Club. So many activities, Bible games and discoveries, fun time with your friends and new ones. 

When? Check your calendar and add there the dates: 2-6 July 2018.

What time? 10:00am to 1:00pm

Where? Ranelagh Seventh-day Adventist Church (47a Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6

Who is invited? Children 4-12 years of age. (Pre-schoolers accompanied by parents will have their own group. We would like teenagers to volunteer to be an assistant leader.)

Theme: Babylon Daniel’s courage in captivity. Join Daniel – torn from his home and forced into the king’s service. Explore exotic sights and smells in Babylonian bazaar! Kids will find that they are not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in a faithless culture.

Registration open

You can register here:


For details contact VBS director,
Petar Popivanov: Tel: 083 414 2880

We have moved!

We have moved to another venue of worship (9 June 2018). We are inviting you to join us in Elim Church, located in Rosemount Business Park, Centrepoint, Unit B6. See here a PDF presentation of the place.

Click here for GPS Google Maps directions. There is plenty of parking. 

If you come with the public transport, look for Dublin Bus lines 17A, 38, 38A, 38B, 40D, 220, 336, who all have stations near or around the roundabout close to the entrance of the Rosemount Business Park. For those coming with the bus, please inform us and the deacons will give you a lift from the entrance of the park to the church.

See below a gallery of our first day in Elim:


The Irish Mission held and all-Ireland Day of Fellowship on Sabbath 2 June in Dublin, attracting church members from across Ireland and Northern Ireland. The day, featuring guest speaker Alan Parker, from the Southern Adventist University, special music, and presentations from local churches, the Adventist Discovery Centre, and the Communication department of the British Union Conference (BUC) was hailed as a great success.



Celebrating DIVERSITY

One of the challenges for the contemporary Adventism is how to deal with diversity. Several books and articles have addressed the issue. While some solutions are more applicable than others, no doubt that a final word has not yet been uttered on how to effectively manage the diversity. As each one of us will get involved, exposed, or trying to manage diversity, we will for sure add a new chapter, challenge a theory, open new horizons.

As history unfolds, it is well known that “communications technology, media, immigration patterns, educational institutions, and travel are bringing diverse racial and ethnic groups into more intimate association than at any other time in history” (Embracing Diversity – How to Understand and Reach People of All Cultures, Leslie N. Pollard, editor). Basically there is no escape unless one becomes a monk or isolates himself on an island… On the other hand, “discrimination, intolerance, exclusion, and race-based access and privilege” are the ugly heads and poisoned fruits of racism that we’ve all faced, some more pressing or longer than others. Disoriented sometimes in such a spectrum, we as Adventist Christians are to be made all to all, serve to all people alienated by sin from Jesus Christ.

A real case study is our Dublin West Seventh-day Adventist Church, where we enjoy the fellowship of almost 100 souls, of 21 different nationalities, coming from 4 continents. While some accept the reality of let’s call it “different versions of Adventism”, for others that seems like at least a part has been led astray. As some of the brethren would tend more towards a cookie-cutter shape approach, where service, practices, mission efforts will faithfully reflect the Adventism that was passed to them in their countries of origin, fortunately we all recognize that such an aim is almost impossible, risking a frustrating legalistic uniformity under the label of a false Christian unity and brotherly love.

In 2018 we want to celebrate our diversity in Dublin West. “Diversity for us is not a toleration or a modification, it’s a celebration. It’s not an infraction or a distraction, it’s an attraction. It’s not about age, stage or wage, it’s about oneness” (Diversity – The Challenge for Contemporary Adventism, Richard de Lisser, editor). What if we turn our weakness into a strength? Then “diversity for us is not an accomodation or an adaptation, it’s an advantage.”


On the last Sabbath of every month we will be challenged and enriched. Remember these two words!

One ethnic group will lead us in the service, so that they will express their faith in the most natural way to them. Accepting a different perspective (that’s the challenge!), we will better understand our brothers and sisters (that’s the enriching part!). The pastor will preach a sermon on Diversity subject while the afternoon program will reunite us in an open discussion on important subjects that we see and deal with differently. What about Christmas? That’s our first meeting in an original format with open discussion, small group discusion, testimonies, presenting resources etc.


If anyone is interested, there are these two books available (your pastor has them), being written and published by respected Seventh-day Adventists.

Embracing Diversity – How to Understand and Reach People of All Cultures, Leslie N. Pollard, editor

Diversity – The Challenge for Contemporary Adventism, Richard de Lisser, editor

Llew and Karin Edwards visiting Dublin

Next Sabbath we will have a special time enjoying the visit of pastor Llew and Karin Edwards. Pastor Llew will deliver the morning sermon while for the afternoon, along with his wife Karin, they will share their experience in fighting… the cancer.

Llew served in many capacities, as a pastor and church administrator in the British Union Conference (BUC), president of the Adventist Church in Scotland, overseas missionary as Egypt Field president for the Adventist Church, during the Arab Revolution and after (2011), and later as BUC Ministerial Association director.

Retired now, he authored the book Values-led lives and mentors two of the Leadership and Learning Groups in the Master of Leadership Program offered by Andrews University to Newbold College.

Karin and Llew Edwards recorded a very moving interview in March 2014 talking about living with hope while diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the time she had less than six months to live. Today Karin is smiling. A mixture of medical procedures, healthy living and a deep trust in God has given them both a new lease of life. In the video below Karin and Llew Edwards openly share their views on living with terminal cancer. Their mixture of humour, honesty and a deep trust in God makes this compelling viewing. 

Adventist Youth – 3 Missions Easter Retreat 2018

The 3 Missions youth weekend is back in 2018 and will be hosted by the Irish Mission!  Taking place from 30 March – 1 April 2018, the weekend will include inspiring worship, a special speaker, fun and fellowship, games and organised activities.  It’s going to be a great one and you won’t want to miss it! The registration form is below and you can pay online here too.  It costs £85/€90 per person. Early payments will guarantee your place on the weekend!

Read more and register on Adventist Youth – 3 Missions Easter Retreat 2018

Torben Bergland in Dublin West

On the second Sabbath of February, our brother Torben Bergland will come to visit our Dublin West SDA Church.

For those who do not know him, Torben is a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and medical doctor (MD), leading two departments at the Trans-European Division – Health Department and Singles Ministries Department.

We extend an open invitation to all for the morning of 10 February (11am), when Torben will have a traditional Bible sermon, yet one that focuses on mental and relational health, entitled “To Love and Be Loved”. It ties in with the presentation of the afternoon (at 3pm)  “Understanding Attachment”, followed by a Q&A session.

The music of the day will be offered by Home Away group.

Torben Bergland graduated from Medical School at Copenhagen University in 2002. After internships in surgery, medicine and family medicine, he went into psychiatry, and is a trained psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Much of his career he worked at Modum Bad in Norway, a leading hospital in psychotherapy treatment and research, as both psychotherapist and departmental leader. He has primarily worked with patients with depression, anxiety and personality disorders. Since 2015 he has been the Health Ministries director of the Trans-European Division based in St Albans, England.

To know more about Torben’s activities, read the news-article here –

Below is an interview taken by the communication director of TED for the tedNEWS.


On Sabbath 2 December over 550 people representing the 6 church groups in the greater Dublin and Ballinacrow area joined together for a special Day of Fellowship. The Maldron Hotel in Tallaght hosted the Sabbath School and Worship Service, while the Dublin Romanian church hosted the afternoon programme and the special book sale run by the Stanborough Press who agreed to make the journey over to Dublin especially for the event.

Read the full article published on 7th of December 2017:

Adventist Church in UK and Ireland | National Site | GREATER DUBLIN AREA CHURCHES DAY OF FELLOWSHIP

Harvest Day 2017

This coming Sabbath we will organize the Harvest Day. It is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to the Lord and remember all His care and blessings over the year. The Israel of old was told:

“You shall observe […] the Feast of Ingathering at the year’s end” (Exodus 34:22).

It is not that we are observing some old traditions, but that such an event might become a good time to reflect on God’s dealing with each one of us.

Most probably everyone will have something to share. Remember last year? (see some pictures here of Harvest Day 2016).

We’ve been blessed with life, health, power to work in order to bring a bread on our table for the family and loved ones. For others it was a time to extend their family with a new child, a man got married and brought his wife over, other woman and another man were baptized and started a new life. Another young lady graduated and already thinks of the future bright days ahead. A man came over and found a job, another found even a better one. One womb is being blessed and in short time a new child will see the light of this world.

Whatever will be your reason to step ahead and give thanks to the Lord, feel welcome to join us.

We will have a short devotional in the morning, then the Sabbath School with live testimonies from our brothers and sisters. The main worship will be enriched with music, Bible readings, prayer, singing hymns and a breaking of the Bread of Life, the Bible, from pastor Dan Serb, the president of the Irish Mission.

Our fellowship will continue after the service with a meal shared together. All are welcome. Please come with food to share, and food to be taken away as for the afternoon we will have a surprise – putting in action our words and prayers.


Maybe you know the “Hope in the Darkness” organization – that gives food, clothes and other help to two-three hundreds of people living on the streets of Dublin at the GPO (near the Spire). Angela Tricolici, one of our members was in touch with Sinead Kane (see video below) and we want to help with whatever we bring in front of the church as a symbol of our thankfulness. Accordingly, as every year, the produce and other things brought forward will be donated. Only that this time we are asking you to bring more than oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits of the earth. We ask you to bring things that will help people on the streets.

As we received the message from Hope in the Darkness, the needs of the people out there would be something like:

“With the weather being really cold, they need: socks, hats, scarfs, sleeping bags, mainly to keep them warm, toiletries wipes tooth brushes etc. ‘Hope in the darkness’ are on the streets Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. That is when people require hot food. Otherwise packed foods would be fine like: soups, noodles, choc etc. Thanks a mill.”

One can see more pictures and videos on their Facebook page –

Hope In The Darkness

As a fifth rough sleeper dies on our streets this month, one volunteer group reveals the stark reality of homelessness in Ireland

Posted by on Friday, September 22, 2017

So, our afternoon program will be something very practical. We will open up all the boxes we came with and then sort out and prepare the same boxes for different destinations: one with socks, one with shoes, one with scarfs, others with different foods. So that by Sunday we will be ready to deliver them in due time. The things should be for men, women of all ages, plus children from birth up to the teenagers.

In the Romanian Seventh-day Adventist church we have two people who used to live on the streets, ate there, slept in the sleeping bags on the streets or in parking lots. Later, they received documents, found jobs, came in touch with Adventists, living a pretty normal life now. One of them even told us he wants to be baptized in January. You never know whom are you helping…

So, our plea would be for you to think about what God did for you during the last year and then step forward and bring to the church things to be given away to those in need.

Thank you very much.