Our main event for this spring (2018) is an Evangelistic effort for the secular society around us. During a pastoral meeting we have decided to work for an alternative approach to Evangelism, and that is to screen a movie. Don’t rush, it is a documentary movie on the tough subject of Creationism vs Evolutionism. Accordingly, we searched for one of the best production available – Is Genesis History?

One can see the trailer here and get a glimpse of it:

How are we going to do it?

First, we’ve secured the rights to screen it in Ireland and UK. And it will be a premiere anywhere outside de USA. Rest assured, it is a new thing for all your friends!

Second, we are preparing the advertising: posters, cards, images to be shared on social media platforms, even a website where all the info and locations of the screening will be available, along with follow up information.


Third, we will find the best locations to screen it. It can be in a cinema, in a conference room (hotel), in a church hall, at home for a small group, in other places as you see the best opportunity to it. Can you think of your best place?


We will be screening the movie simultaneously, in different location in Irish Mission territory, on the 21st and 28th of April. That’s right: one Saturday and the the following one. (Just in case some people can’t make it, or your church/group will desire another event.)

In Dublin West the screening will take place at our worship hall, on 21 April, as an afternoon program – 4 pm.

Use the links below:

What now?

Look again at the trailer. Refresh your knowledge (and yes, questions) about Creation vs Evolution. Can you think of Creation week, the Sabbath, the Fall, the Flood? Our faith rests on these truths or goes away with them.

Think about any friends that you might invite to such a screening. It will be an eye-opener to any Christian, a challenging opportunity for any atheist, agnostic etc. Is not that we will have them changing their mind right away, but to be sure (and for us also) that although there are two competing views, there is one compelling truth. To this question “Is Genesis History?” we respond YES, a real history.

Start praying for such an opportunity, get inspired and inspire others for the best approach. Spend some time on the website of the project – Is Genesis History. And feel free to ask us anything about the project.

By the way

Can you view this project advertised on your main street?