Name for Centre

Proposals for Building Signage

We want to have:

1. A name – identifier. It will be useful for all to identify and refer to easier. A website with the same name will follow having all info and resources in one easy to remember place. It will become a brand name. The names we discussed about (only as proposals): HOPE, LIGHT, WAY. There can be others.

2. The “what is that” element. It will be a “centre”. It is a building, a real place (not virtual), for people to come to, to attract to. One can see it as a hub, a nucleus, a specific location with several services being offered.

3. The “who” element. Any name we choose at #1 is only a common name, that may be used by others as well. We need to give it a certain hue, a special cue. Here is where the word “Adventist” comes into place. 

In Ireland we are not known… Talking about Dublin now, except for Ranelagh where it says “Seventh-day Adventist Church” and for the ACS Dublin services where the name Adventist is visible (on the vests, the van decoration) there is no other place where this name comes in. Accordingly, we should be bold to have it right there. I suggest that “Adventist” (in its short form) is better than “Seventh-day Adventist” (which is longer). 

Don’t forget, this is the big signage, written on the upper part of the building, to be seen by all, even from afar. That’s why it needs to be short and yet challenging. 

I think that

  • a name like (1) HOPE invites (I also like The WAY).
  • The (2) CENTRE says it is organised, safe.
  • The (3) COMMUNITY sounds as open for anyone.
  • The (4) ADVENTIST is like… hm? What’s that? (And maybe will attract or at least will be for remembrance whenever they will encounter the word again in some other context. For us it sounds ok, we are used with it. But for others it sounds as strange as it sounds for us “rastafarian”.)

So, this is the big name, on the building. For those coming closer, there will be a wall signage identifying in detail all the users/services offered there, a logo of the church, a website, a contact detail etc.)  

See below how this Big Signage may look like. I add under a short identifier of the elements.

If we say (that is to put all things we want / we identify with) it should go like this


Dublin West Seventh-day Adventist Community Centre

It is obviously too long. Let me bring it in steps now, from the shortest to longer ones.

HOPE Centre

Option 1: Name + what is 


Adventist Centre

Option 2: Name + what is + religious identity 


Adventist Community Centre

Option 3: Name + religious identity + what is + public


Dublin West Adventist Centre

Option 4: Name + location + religious identity + what is


Dublin West Adventist Community Centre

Option 5: Name + location + religious identity + what is + public


Dublin West Seventh-day Adventist Centre

Option 6: Name + location + religious identity (in full) + what is


Dublin West Seventh-day Adventist Community Centre

Option 7: Name + location + religious identity (in full) + what is + public