What is “10 Days of Prayer”?

During Ten Days of Prayer 2019, we will look at how to have a deeper, richer Christian experience. Indeed, that is our theme for 2019: a deeper, richer spiritual experience.

Whether new believers or longtime church members, we all need to have a fresh, daily encounter with Jesus. This series features real-life lessons, Bible promises, and encouraging Spirit of Prophecy quotes to strengthen our daily walk with Christ.

Where do we find study materials for the series?

Since the project started, in 2006, there is a dedicated website. This year it includes all materials needed and testimonies of previous experiences. You can check it out here: https://www.tendaysofprayer.org/

Do we (have to) meet anywhere?

For members in Dublin West meeting in one place might be an issue. Organizers of this worldwide project know about situations similar to our. No wonder they emphasize: “During the Ten Days of Prayer, January 9–19, 2019, your group should meet daily in person or by phone for an hour of united prayer.” See the two options?

(1) in person – and that may be (a) in the family, (b) in a small group, (c) or with the whole church. We encourage all to have a time in the family, even to design a small group (maybe 2 families and friends). On the Friday nights there is a small group already active, while for the Sabbaths we will do it as a church.

(2) by phone – and we may add here any social media platform. Use any way you can to keep in touch with others. There are various groups around on WhatsApp: Men’s, Women’s, Senior Youth, etc. To design it better, as one of the easiest and most convenient way to involve the many, we have made a WhatsApp group active for these 10 Days of Prayer. You can add yourself to it by clicking the following link:


Our suggestion would be to use both options. Accordingly, we will announce where a group meets in person (see below), and anyone is invited to come. And we will also use the WhtasApp group so that we can meet online and share prayer requests, prayers, thanks and praise to our Lord.

What’s the calendar? Who’s in charge?

The 10 days would be as follows, with the responsible group of people holding the banner up, keeping the flame! Maybe someone will make his/her house available, while others will take the initiative to prepare and lead the program. (List to be updated – volunteer where there is still a “?” sign).

1. Wednesday (9 January) – ONLINE (see WhatsApp group; moderator: pastor C.)

2. Thursday (10 January) – ONLINE (see WhatsApp group; moderator: pastor C.)

3. Friday (11 January) – Small group at Jacinta’s house (Blanchardstown)

4. Saturday (12 January) – The whole church (Dublin West)

5. Sunday (13 January) – ? (for online, moderator: Sade D.)

6. Monday (14 January) – At pastor’s house (Celbridge)

7. Tuesday (15 January) – ?

8. Wednesday (16 January) – ?

9. Thursday (17 January) – ?

10. Friday (18 January) – Small group at Jacinta’s house (Blanchardstown)

11. Sabbath (19 January) / Celebration – The whole church (Dublin West)

You’ll notice that January 19th is technically the 11th day. This is optional, but we suggest that we all use this Sabbath as a celebration of all God has done in answer to united prayer throughout the ten days. We’ll include ample time for testimonies of answered prayer, biblical teaching/preaching on prayer, and singing. Leading the congregation in a time of prayer will be a good opportunity for those who have not attended the daily meetings so they can experience the joy of praying with others. 

“Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:19-20)

Materials available (to be updated)


To Know and Believe – Day 1

From the Inside Out – Day 2