Our history on the 13th of May, 2017

History of Dublin West Seventh-Day Adventist Church

(this material was read by elder Ropo Dare during the organizing event of the church, 13 May, 2017)


First steps

The journey of our church started back in 2005. When the number of immigrants increased in Ireland – most of them living here, in Dublin 15 Area – Pastor Stephen Wilson worked tremendously to organise an Adventist group fellowship in the area. To us it seemed we all wanted an easy way out from Ranelagh, which was the mother church of all. However, some years later Ranelagh Church gave way and the child was born on March 2010. The first worship together was held on the 10th of April 2010, as a Dublin combined service and subsequently the group gathered together henceforth.

Pastor Gavin Anthony, the Dublin District Head Pastor, motivated the plan for a 2nd Dublin group. This was to be organised in Castleknock area. The responsibility fell on the leaders from Dublin Ranelagh to lead the group and come for the flock that were willing to join the group. Four Elders were chosen, three of them accepted the call and went along.


Serving Leaders and Faithful Members

By the grace of God this church has been blessed today with the service of the following Pastors: Gavin, Daniel, Ben, Christi to date. Elders that have shepherded the flock also included Brothers and Sisters: Ropo, Daniel, Clive, Samuel, Sade, Punch, Tom, Ajit and Vasile. Those of past will share few thoughts from them.

Not to mention the members that stood with the group through thick and thin, such as sis. Jacinta Chege, sis. Theda Rall, sis. Annie Mucheke, the Orlina family, the Batoon family, sis. Eva and family, the Tricolici Family, the Manoli family, Ogie,  Sis Nicole, Sis Melissa, Sis Omina, Sacaremento family, Rao Family, Sis Jullet Family,  Recto Family, Samuel Rao, Samuel Olajuigba, Desire Gay, Gwasira, Julliet & Coxwell, Sharon & Daniel, Sherryl Davis, Bath Acob, Rachel & Agnes, Jethro Dayo & Geraldine, Oge & Marites, Battalos.


Church alive!

We have had our struggles as a church, but we give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, the solid Rock we stand on. We had seen the movement of people going out and coming in. We had our times of supporting one another during seasons of pain, suffering and death of loved ones, but we have also been blessed with baptisms, marriages and baby dedications. The study continues as we grow a movement.

We would pause to mention 3 special individuals who walked into the church by their own freewill, most decidedly being led by the Holy Spirit:

  • Frans, the atheist who found God and the true church
  • Esther, who brought a visitor and ended up staying,
  • Christopher, who was searching for the truth.


A glimpse of the “great multitude”

Our unity is based on diversity and the love of Christ above all. You will ask yourself the questions like “Where can you see or gather together a people of different cultures?” If anybody has not had a glimpse of Heaven, or wants to see the world-wide SDA Church in miniature, one only needs to visit Dublin West Seventh-day Adventist Church and be surprised.

Here is a real case-study for any church, group or organization – up to 20 nationalities or ethnic groups, from four continents, from far East to far West.

  • Africa: Zimbabwe, Kenya, South-Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Swaziland;
  • Asia: Philippines and India;
  • Europe: Ireland, England, Romania (and Gipsy), Moldova Republic, Slovakia, Croatia;
  • Eurasia: Russia;
  • Central and South America: Jamaica, Panama, Brazil.

To God be the Glory!


Full-Fledged Church

As of today, we are proud to have a full-fledged church: serving leaders in the church, running departments, a complete functional Sabbath School on all age groups, and different classes in different languages, Pathfinders club. We are proud of our children, teenagers, and senior youth – and we will mention here that our children’s choir was really a blessing to many houses, hospitals and nursing homes. On a regular Sabbath, we are around 100 souls (children included).


A Need!

A great need we have is a place of worship!

The Trans-European Division has agreed for Dublin to be a project beneficiary of the 13th Sabbath Overflow offering, in 2017 with the specified target – a second church building in Dublin. As the time is due now, we are looking forward for a fulfilment of such a dream.


A Word of Thanks

We want to specially thank our mother church, Dublin Ranelagh who gave birth to this group and for the tremendous support all these years. How could we have survived without you and the grace of God? Also, to the Irish Mission President of old, who had roles to play in the early life of this group.

To all church members who had worked behind the scene, those present and those not here, your contribution can’t be over emphasised – if there was just enough time so that every name would be mentioned to have a complete story. We might have not mentioned your name but will not forget your labour of love in serving in God’s vineyard. To our children and teenagers, we are sure they have a story to tell as well – it was a journey which we all carried each other and supported one another.

Above all we promise to make God known in this community where the Lord had placed us His representatives, to proclaim the three angels’ message, the everlasting Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, His love, grace and mercy.