Llew and Karin Edwards visiting Dublin

Next Sabbath we will have a special time enjoying the visit of pastor Llew and Karin Edwards. Pastor Llew will deliver the morning sermon while for the afternoon, along with his wife Karin, they will share their experience in fighting… the cancer.

Llew served in many capacities, as a pastor and church administrator in the British Union Conference (BUC), president of the Adventist Church in Scotland, overseas missionary as Egypt Field president for the Adventist Church, during the Arab Revolution and after (2011), and later as BUC Ministerial Association director.

Retired now, he authored the book Values-led lives and mentors two of the Leadership and Learning Groups in the Master of Leadership Program offered by Andrews University to Newbold College.

Karin and Llew Edwards recorded a very moving interview in March 2014 talking about living with hope while diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the time she had less than six months to live. Today Karin is smiling. A mixture of medical procedures, healthy living and a deep trust in God has given them both a new lease of life. In the video below Karin and Llew Edwards openly share their views on living with terminal cancer. Their mixture of humour, honesty and a deep trust in God makes this compelling viewing. 

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