Women Ministry and Dorcas

Women's Ministries

Women’s ministries upholds, encourages, and challenges women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of His church. Its objectives are… [Read more]

Jacinta Chege

Email: givethemhope@live.com

Phone: 087 742 1360

Dorcas Society

This organization gathers and prepares clothing, food and other supplies for those in need […] however, includes more than giving material aid. It focuses on… [Read more]

Omina Dumbu

Email: ominatshabangu@yahoo.com

Phone: 087 929 2559

10 Ideas for Women Ministry & Dorcas

Supporting the women of the church | Teaching and training in the church | Mission of women through the church.

While below is a list of 10 main areas of interest, please keep in mind the three circles of our focus:

  • ourselves (as individuals – wives, mothers, singles),
  • the church (as a faith-based support group), and
  • community (the society at large).

1. Meetings and events

  • Planning a one day Sabbath retreat for the women in Dublin West SDA Church, and later another one, for a greater audience, even for the whole Irish Mission.
  • An All Night Prayer (date to be decided)
  • Sabbath of 25 August, Abuse Prevention Day

2. Prayer and support for special situations

There is an WhatsApp group where all the sisters are invited to join, express their needs and try to find help in different ways (material, spiritual, relational etc.).

3. Fight against any abuse

In our events, interactions, support, resources made available, let us fight agains any abuse: dominion, financial, material, spiritual. Do not forget that many women live in mixed families, where keeping the faith and Christian values may be much harder than in an Adventist home.

4. Young girls

Who is teaching our young girls about life? And what if your own experience was not the best one? We encourage experienced women to talk to younger girls and ladies in such a way as to encourage and support their better growth get strong and know their value as daughters of God.

5. Success stories

There are so many women in this world and in our bigger church who can share stories of their success. It can be a story on finding the right partner, a success story on getting the perfect job, fighting an illness, standing for rights etc. Find those women and let us have them as guests in our church.

Maybe you have such a story, why not sharing it next time?

6. Grow/improve

Who’s driving you to church? Who is talking on your behalf? Are your kids more advanced than you are in using the smart technology? We encourage each woman in our church to learn the language of the country, to get lessons and training in driving, to go to school and get a higher education etc.

In the same time, we would like to see them preaching, giving Bible studies, praying and leading in worship. And so we get to the next point…

7. Involvement in the church

Every Sabbath is an opportunity for women to say something, to lead, to support or to challenge for a better atmosphere and understanding in the church. As we have Sabbath school classes, we need mothers ready to serve in teaching the kids or the adults. There are events in the church where the mothers are expected to step in and help: baby dedications, excursions/trips with kids, going to park, being involved in the choir. There is also the main serving capacity, which is to act as a deaconess, be that in greeting, helping, taking care of the fellowship lunches, etc.

Work with other departments (Children, Sabbath School) and you might find an easier way to achieve your goals.

8. Health and intimate issues

Let’s organize discussions in homes or in the church about:

  • food (what do you put on your family’s table?)
  • cleaning (how tidy is your house? clothes of your kids etc.)
  • raising kids (who teaches you best how to raise kids?)
  • general lifestyle (so many issues here)
  • intimate problems or worries (cancer, sexual relationship, giving birth, infidelity, divorce)
  • work or being confined in the house

9. Material help.

Whom do you call when in need? That’s why we have Women Ministries and Dorcas Society. While not promising that a help will be an instant one, at any request, we certainly are ready and willing to come and find the best ways to help. Get in touch with sisters Jacinta and Omina – their email and phone is at the top of this page.

10. Mission/outreach

All the above can be organized for outreach, where the needs are even more. But what about gathering once a quarter, and bring clothes, food, shoes, money and other indispensable things in order to be donated to the ones in need?

Let’s plan for the middle of March, when during the Global Youth Day our Youth can help us get the boxes to those who need them.

11. Your idea…

Maybe we’ve not covered an area you are interested in. Maybe you know of a resource that can be helpful to others. Please comment here and let us continue a discussion. We are here to serve you.