Preparing a sermon (1)

Three steps: Prepare. Deliver. Reflect.

And then… Prepare for the next!

That’s it.


I know, it’s just too simple to leave it like that.

Some will be frightened with the “what” to say. It seems that all is blank, a fog just came in and covered it all. You don’t know what to say. Others, especially those who know what to say, might be concerned with all the details of “how” to say it. And they are stressed with the manner, voice, gestures, length of time, appeal etc. However, let me start with another module.

Let’s begin with the “why”.


Yes: why are you preaching? If it’s just because you’ve been called to, probably to fill in the preaching roster for a congregation, then it is fair to find a better reason. (Even to quit.) This is not to say that such a reason is bad in itself. Bear with me, find a higher motivation. (Would you listen to someone just because is „his turn”?)


Try something like:

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