Reform-A-Nation (sermons)

On the 31st October, 500 years ago, the  Protestant Reformation began when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a  church door on Wittenberg Castle church, in Germany. He was protesting against  the Indulgences that were then administered by the church, which were a burden  to the common people, and he wished to promote issues of grace, repentance and  forgiveness, as taught in the Bible, instead of the practices of the  Church.

This simple act caused such a reaction from scholars and  church leaders and helped to change the way the ordinary men and women viewed  the Gospel in Germany and across Europe.   It not only transformed Christianity but politics, art, culture and  communication.

As we’ve passed the 500th anniversary of Reformation, we do have a significant opportunity as the Seventh-day Adventist church to encourage our congregations to:

  • Rediscover and share the Good News of the Gospel
  • Re-engage in deeper and more meaningful  relationships with their local communities
  • Reflect on the meaning of reformation in a  contemporary world

The list below contains the links to some 12+ sermons on different topics as reforming our values, our skills, our relationships etc. Please use them for your own reformation and then share with others.


  1. Reform your Finances
  2. Reform your health
  3. Reform your life
  4. Reform your mind
  5. Reform your Nation
  6. Reform your relationships
  7. Reform your skills
  8. Reform Your Child
  9. Reform your culture
  10. Reform your spirituality
  11. Reform your time
  12. Reform your values
  13. Reform Your World 06 NOV 17

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