We are moving to…

As you might know by now, we as Dublin West Seventh-Day Adventist Church are going to leave the premises of Coolmine Community School. By the end of May we should be relocated.

As expected, we’ve tried almost if not all the venues around: churches, community centres, hotels, facilities of Adult Education. You might be surprised to know that is very hard to find a place to suit our needs in termes of number of seats, rooms needed, hours of service etc. Some places are too small, some too expensive, some others are booked already, including Saturdays – without involving any Sabbath-worship.

As the deadline approaches, we’ve narrowed our options to three main ones, detailed below.

The first option is to move to another church. We are still waiting for an answer and deal with two Evangelical churches situated both in Rosemount Business Park (5km from our previous location). We’ve made a first contact, a visit in person and a formal discussion with their pastors. Below are some pictures from Elim Church (100 seats down + more at balcony) and Divine Power (150 seats set and room for others).

Elim Church

Divine Power

The second option would be to relocate in a community centre in Blanchardstown. The main issue there is that in the morning they are all aready booked. Only in one of the close by community centres we could get two Sabbaths in the mornings, while the other two-three only in the afternoons. In others like Blakestown or Mulhuddart we can get only in the afternoons, with all the other needs fulfilled: seats, rooms, parking etc.

The third option would be to use the worship halls of our Adevntist churches in the area, be that Ranelagh or Romanian churches. Of course, this option also includes worshipping in the afternoons only.

Some other options involve too much of an investment. One is renting a place ready to move into, using it for ourselves 24/7, but at a higher cost (at a double sum than what we pay now); making a contract to let a warehouse for a long period and adapt it to our needs, also with an expensive cost (adapting it to make it a church and then a rent three times our current expense).

We ask you once again to pray fervently for this problem so that the Lord will lead us to the right place. By the end of this month (April) we might have a clear answer, a church board decision and during the month of May we will announce the move. 

Please remember the text we used last year when we organized the company into a church:

“In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strenght you will guide them to your holy dwelling.” (Exodus 15:13)

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  1. The Lord Himself will see us through the process again.
    He would Miraculously make a way where there seems to
    Be none. And all Glory Honor and Adoration will
    Come to Him. Amen

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