Job opening in IM

Dear pastors and elders

As a result of discussions with some of the Irish Mission elders, the IM Executive has commissioned me to extend an invitation for lay members throughout the Mission to apply for the position of Bible Worker (see brief job description attached).

The application is made directly with the Office ( or and the deadline is Sunday, 3 June. All applicants would need to participate in a Bible Worker training programme that will be conducted by Pr Kirk Thomas, BUC Evangelism Director during a weekend to be announced.

Once the training is concluded, the Mission in consultation with the pastoral team and input from the local churches, will identify the areas of need within the IM and then advertise the respective posts. Interviews will then take place.

The Mission continues to seek ways in which we can support the successful candidates and, so far, we envisage that all transport cost can be covered for the Bible Workers.

When applying, please fill in the attached form and send it to the Office with an accompanying email in which you give a one page (double spaced) description of your spiritual journey and ministry in the church thus far. Please make sure to keep a copy of the attached document for yourself.

We plan to have the Bible workers active sometime in August/September and the commitment would be for 1 year with the possibility of extending the period of service.

We thank all those who will apply for their willingness to serve and assist us in fulfilling our mission to nurture and reach out within the territory of our Mission.

Please could you kindly advertise and promote this opportunity weekly in your church so that everyone who would like this opportunity can have plenty of time to apply.

“But the Holy Spirit will come upon you and give you power. Then you will tell everyone about me in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and everywhere in the world.” – Acts 1:8.

Wishing you all God’s guidance, peace and richest blessings.

Dan Serb


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Irish Mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church