12 Steps to Improve our Experience in Dublin West SDA Church

Following feedback from members, and discussions in the church board, we propose a series of 12 things to be mindful of, in order to improve our experience in the church. Some are for short term, some others for long term. All are expressed with thanks and a desire to serve you better. Our church is a continual workshop for our perfection – we thank you for your support in making it better.

1. Serve others.

Thank you for serving, we would not be Dublin West without you! Make sure that you continue serving, as all of our members volunteer into church. For those serving too much, please avoid burnout!

2. Fellowship lunch.

We are invited to bring our own (personal) plates, and a few extra. For those who don’t have a possibility, and for visitors, we’ll have disposable ones. The same for cutlery. Thus we cut costs and we get involved more. Don’t forget, all food vegetarian – it is healthier!

3. Water.

Please bring with you, in the trunk of your car some little bottles of water, to have them ready for kids, for visitors.

4. Laptop, Projector, Piano.

The ones we have used for years now are the property of Children Department and they will be used by them. We’ll buy for the Church some new ones. The costs for laptop and projector will be covered from the budget, while for the piano we’ll ask for a contribution from each participant. A 10€ each will be sufficient, a 20€ will be a gift. A full donation would be your experience with the Lord!

5. Giving more. Better said, giving faithfully.

We noticed financial donations whenever a project comes up (Hope in the Darkness, Concert, Mission Trip, etc.). However, we could fund these and other projects right away, from the budget, if money were in store. Count your blessings!

6. Who’s missing?

Whether at Sabbath School, or during the divine service, please take a note on those missing. Ask “where are you?” – not like a policeman but more like one who cares.

7. Children’s choir.

We have kids. We have instruments. We have a professional choir director. What else is needed? Faithful attendance (attn parents!).

8. Departments working.

You have noticed action in almost all departments. Please get involved also, support and encourage all fields of ministry, especially where you feel called to. We are… you!

9. Contact updates.

Please check with our clerk, Justina, and see that we have your updated contacts, to be better informed (phone number, email) and in touch.

10. Noise in the church.

We noticed an increase in the noise we make in the church. Please use more… your ears. Greet people happily, as in a church, not in the market place.

11. Prayer.

Some want to pray at the end of the service, in private. Let’s make room for that! We’ll leave the sanctuary in silence, ushered by deacons.

12. Elders.

You will notice that the elders will be those to make the welcoming remarks and act as presiders of service. Thus members and visitors will know who is in charge and to whom should address for any inquiries.