Newsletter 26 October

This is Dublin West.
Come and see!

Sabbath Program

10:00 Sabbath School

Opening Song: #487
Prayer: Tara

Welcome: Omina
Mission spotlight: Emily
Promotional talk: Farai
Lesson review: Theda

Lesson study: “Facing Opposition”

Closing song: #534
Closing prayer: Kacey

11:45 Divine service

Song service: Youth
Welcome: presider, elder Tom

Opening song
Tithes & offerings reading: Javaughn

Children story
Special item: Chaz Karaan

Scripture reading: Francis (Matthew 24:44)
Congregational prayer: Cherry Battalao

Sermon: “22 Oct. 2019 – 175 Years Later… Delay? Patience?”, pastor Christian
Testimonies from Adventist Community Services Volunteers

Closing song
Recessional hymn

13:45 Fellowship Lunch

Fellowship lunch – it looks like we enjoy a lot the fellowship lunch, but the place is too small, we crowd in and we spill much food on the carpet and in the building.

The church board suggests to improve on several aspects: take only as much as you can safely carry (go another round, if needed); mind your child; no food down the stairs.

The most important one: please bring only food that can be eaten without plate, fork or spoon. Indeed, think of: sandwiches, fruits, biscuits and more. Use your imagination and forget about the rice 🙂

15:00 Afternoon program – Training

Our Children Ministry leader invites all leaders and teachers of Sabbath School for children for a session of trining in the afternoon. Parents and those who wish to help in leading our kids in church are all invited!

Coordinating children’s ministries in the local church requires more than passion and a love for children. Children’s leaders and teachers need to understand children and how they grow their faith. They need to know how to organize programs, teach children, nurture them and meet their needs. Therefore, the Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification program can be used for such leadership training on a regular basis. See more on


Thanksgiving Day – we will organize a special occasion for worship and fellowship on the second Sabbath of the following month (9 November). May you bring to the Lord your first fruits!

New members. We are planning to receive some new members, as they have been worshipping with us for a long time now. While for some we have received the recommendation from their former congregations, for others we are still in progress.

Week of Prayer – Please mark it in your calendar as the first week of next month, 2-9 November and see if you can open your house for a small group. We are looking for an evening in pastor’s house, another evening in church (Monday), another in someone else’s house etc. Two more slots to fill in (see the bold ones)

  • 2 Nov. Sabbath – in the church (Rosemount)
  • 3 Nov. Sunday – at Batoon family
  • 4 Nov. Monday – we meet in the church (Rosemount)
  • 5 Nov. Tuesdayat Orlina family
  • 6 Nov. Wednesdayat Axel and Joana
  • 7 Nov. Thursday – please offer
  • 8 Nov. Friday night – at pastor’s house (Celbridge)
  • 9 Nov. Sabbath – we meet in the church (Rosemount)

Speaking appointments for current month:
– 1st Sabbath, 5 October – sermon Br. Ajit Kutty
– 2nd Sabbath, 12 October – sermon Pastor Christian, elections in the church, and a seminar for the afternoon program
– 19 – sermon Br. Joseph Anderson, Pathfinders program for Dublin Royals
– 26 – sermon Pastor Christian, afternoon program led by Melody, a leadership seminar for ministering to children

Elections in the church – This Sabbath we will give reading to the list of proposed names for the future church board of Dublin West. (Some other positions will follow, for different departments, deacons, deaconesses, instructors etc.).

Elders (3): Ropo Dare, Tom Batoon, Vasile Manoli
Clerk: Lenah Mucheke
Treasurer: Angela Manoli
Head deacon: Ferdy Bueno
Head deaconess: Sade Dare
Sabbath School: Alyn Batoon
Youth: Catalin (Caddy) Andronic

Adventist Community Services Dublin

For those who want to know more – soon the Irish Mission will appoint a leader and recognize ACS as a running and effective Ministry. Details at:

Our latest development

No need for many words. We have been “baptized” tonight in our becoming… Adventist Community Services. On a short notice, of only a few hours, we managed to set the table and serve the food, holding the place of our friends and veterans from #HopeintheDarkness. We’ll let the pictures and videos tell the rest.

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers […] day by day, attending the temple together […] praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.
(Acts of the Apostles, 2:42-47)