Prayer requests WOP 2019

Following are our prayer requests, received in notes to our Green Box

Prayer Requests


  • For God to show us a way regarding the church building
  • Provision of a new church

Family and friends

  • For K., a brother, a sister and her family.
  • Bless my family
  • For Z. and J.A. (relatives of a member)
  • For my cousin, who is going through a tough time, may God guide her to peace and happiness.
  • For my loved ones (spouse and child) to join me here in Ireland
  • My spouse, to commit life to God
  • For G., A., and S.
  • For family guidance and protection
  • For C. into getting a new job
  • For my dad
  • For my family to come closer to the church
  • For the strength of my family unit

Children & Youth

  • To help the youth to focus on their exams
  • For my children, to commit their way to the Lord
  • For all the young ones, our kids in school and society, their upbringing and spiritual growth
  • For my child – to learn respect and commit will and life to God.
  • For the kids in our church, filling their minds with the right stuff (right books)
  • For teens of our church – peer-pressure in the world, stay focused on God

Health and wellbeing

  • Pastor Ben, Angela’s dad, Nicole’s mom
  • A safe and healthy pregnancy for me
  • Our own healing, body and soul
  • For someone suffering from fear and anxiety among people
  • For my friend R. who is sick
  • Heal the wounds of my body to fully get better and to overcome my fears and worries regarding my life in the future.
  • For my mom’s mom.
  • For my dad, who hasn’t been well in a while
  • For healing, F.D.-T.
  • For A., fighting cancer
  • For my in-law, S., who is going through a chemotherapy
  • Eugenia’s grandson (Max), surgery on the heart
  • My friend’s mother, in hospital
  • My wife who had an operation two weeks ago
  • For my grandmother to get well
  • For my health – to change my eating habits and get active
  • For the healing of my mother
  • For sick relatives.
  • For my health.
  • For someone who lost three siblings (with young kids)
  • My grandmother who is hospitalized and very sick


  • Revival in our local churches
  • The Lord will bring a revival in my soul
  • That I would have a burden for souls.
  • That our church would become a praying church.
  • Revival in the church.
  • A better personal prayer life
  • God’s message will burn within our hearts
  • For our relationship with God
  • To be ready for the soon return of Jesus, our Lord
  • May the church help praying for me, for my spiritual life to grow
  • To accept rebuke and allow God to perfect His work in me

Personal guidance

  • God strengthens my faith, gives me more knowledge and wisdom to succeed in career and studies
  • God brings me closer to him and help me live upright and be a good example to my children and lead them to Christ.
  • Pray for my venture into new employment, that it may be successful
  • To overcome struggles of surrendering all to the Lord
  • For T. to stay strong
  • To have the church together in time of trouble
  • To be effective in God’s hand in whatever may seem best to Him
  • Bless my relationship, make me a good partner to my girlfriend and the same for her to me.
  • For my mom to get a good job
  • For N. to stop stressing about things.
  • Help me study well and excel in my academics and be a better daughter to my family and a kinder friend to everyone around me.
  • God gives us strength and wisdom to get through trials (health, grievance for loss)
  • To find a permanent job
  • For a place to stay
  • For an income to sustain the family
  • For L. and son E., as they are looking for a house
  • For my brother to pass a test
  • Pray to get married next year
  • For L. and C., while they have some struggles in their marriage
  • For my marriage plans.
  • For me to pass my test and go further in education.
  • God will continue to work in R.’s life.
  • For my relationship, finances, business and family
  • To get wisdom, keep the faith and get a beautiful and blessed wife
  • I want the church to help me get documents and find a job that will allow me to keep the Lord’s Sabbath and help my family back home in Africa

Irish Mission

  • For the Mission and its challenges
  • For IM members to align back to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy
  • For Christians here so that they may base all their faith in the Bible (His Word), and test all Spirits by it
  • God, guide us away from false prophets


  • Pastor Ben, healing
  • Pastor Llew and his family, for his ministry & mission


  • For the Thanksgiving Day


  • People in Mindanao (Philippines), going through an earthquake and its aftermath


  • Pray for an anonymous friend of us!
  • For God to solve a confidential matter.

Missionary projects

  • For the Great Controversy Book Project
  • ACS – Adventist Community Services as project
  • ACS – pray for the poor, and the homeless, and the sick
  • ACS – see it as God’s project and opportunity for growth
  • For the men who are studying the Bible with A.
  • As we have no building, for God to help us move ahead in our mission


  • For us to answer and raise volunteers for our needs