Newsletter 7 Dec

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers […] day by day, attending the temple together […] praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.
(Acts of the Apostles, 2:42-47)

This is Dublin West.
Come and see!

Sabbath Program

10:00-11:30 Sabbath School

Opening Song: #27
Prayer: Caddy

Welcome: Melissa
Mission spotlight: Theda
Promotional talk: Lenah
Lesson review

Lesson study: “Worshiping the Lord”

Closing song: #6
Closing prayer: Farrai

11:45-1:15 Divine service

Song service: Youth
Welcome: presider, elder Vasile

Opening song: #316
Tithes & offerings reading: Caddy

Children story

Scripture reading: Genesis 29:16-20, Alison Dare
Congregational prayer: sis. Jacinta

Sermon: Staying Power, Farai Mutungwazi

Closing song: #100
Recessional hymn


1:30 Prayer session

We want to put a special emphasis on prayer in our Dublin West church, knowing it to be the key which unlocks the heaven’s storehouse. Accordingly, for those who can stay, please pray for the needs of our members, loved ones and friends, for our church.
See a full story of our becoming:


Nominating Committee final report

Following is the list of coordinators for different ministries in Dublin West church. The list will be voted on the coming Sabbath (14 December).

  • Children Ministry: Melody (with a team of helpers, instructors)
  • Women Ministry: Melissa (with an assistant)
  • Family Ministry: Sade
  • Publishing: Ferdy
  • Evangelism: Axel, assistant Theda (missionary books, Bible studies, health presentations and programs)
  • Adventist Community Services: Angela M.
  • Technical: Jethro, assistant Alex
  • Communication: Christian
  • Music: Lenah, assistants various musical talents in church to be consulted.
  • Pathfinders: Omina, assistant Sean Recto

A deacons and deaconesses training session will be organized on the 14 December (Ferdy and pastor).

Lord’s Supper

Please note the 21 December Sabbath as a special one when we’ll have the Communion service. Plan to be present as it will be a blessing for all.

We’ve learned that other churches haven’t had it for many months, up to a year… Please invite others to join Dublin West, if they are missing such special divine service opportunities in their churches.

Ski Trip 2020

We made a special page with all the info regarding the Ski Trip to Romania. 16 people (youth and some adults) have already booked and confirmed. If you secured your ticket, let us know and we’ll update the list. Soon we’ll have to talk about other logistics:


  • For the Winter Praise 2019, Dublin Youth in Praise led by Berlinda will sing in Ranelagh Church, 14 December, at 5:30pm.

Adventist Community Services Dublin

In action, this Saturday

This Saturday evening ACS Dublin will be again on the street. While the team is mostly made of members and friends of the Romanian church, we are all a team. Everyone is invited to volunteer. There is enough food – what we need most is for you to migle with the people and see where we can help them the most.

Help promote

Don’t forget to hit the Like button for the page, as we are aiming to continually grow – we have reached 200 friends.

Sandwiches for the homeless and poor people

You all know by now that we have been preparing and delivering sandwiches for people on the streets on the 3rd Sunday of each month. A proposal for development – as we have the volunteers, the money, the opportunity – is to have it twice a month. From January 2020 on we intend to make this appeal then, to have it every other Sunday, prepared and delivered by groups/families of Dublin West. If you want to enroll, please contact Angela Manoli, our ACS Dublin West coordinator.