100 Sandwiches

Every Sunday the Adventist Church in Dublin makes +100 sandwiches for homeless people.

All expenses are being covered by church members, and the sandwiches get prepared in different homes.

Why not gather your kids and youth to help you? Why not inviting a family to join you? Or your group of friends to engage in a meaningful activity?

The sandwiches are being delivered by ACS Dublin (www.facebook.com/acsdublin) to GPO (General Post Office), city centre, where Hope in the Darkness is serving a soup-run for homeless and poor people.

If you want to join, please contact us: christian@adventist.ie call/text 085 223 4482.

List of things needed

Our expenses are around 70€ per week, and thus we can make more than 100 rich and healthy sandwiches.

  • 15 breads (brown, wholemeal)
  • 2-3 butter
  • 8 cheese (slices)
  • 5 egg mayo
  • 5 coleslaw
  • 2 spinach
  • 2 rockets
  • 10 chicken/turkey (no ham!) slices,
  • 2 bags of 50-80 individual bags to put them in.
All can be bought from Aldi, Tesco or other convenient store near you.

With the above one should get around 130 sandwiches. You can count the slices of cheese or meat, or bread to have a figure in mind.

See in the pictures below the process:

Spread on a table as many two-slices of bread.
Start with the butter on the upper slice.
Then add (1) the cheese, (2a) the meat or (2b) alternate the egg-mayo (for vegetarians) with the coleslaw, (3) add spinach or rockets.
When all is done, get the lower slice and put it on top.
Place each sandwich in an individual bag.
When all is done, place all sandwiches in boxes or big bags for delivery.

Calendar for Q1 on 2020

5 JanuaryDublin West – Catibog family (Blanchardstown)
12 JanuaryPathfinders Dublin Dacians
19 JanuaryDublin West – Manoli fam. (Balbriggan)
26 JanuaryDublin Romanians – Nour fam. (Bray)
2 FebruaryFACI (Filipino Adventists)
9 FebruaryDublin Romanians – Rotaru fam. (Bray)
16 FebruaryDublin West
23 FebruaryDublin Romanians – Mindru fam. (Navan)
1 MarchFACI
8 MarchDublin Romanians – Prida fam. (Gorey)
15 MarchDublin West
22 MarchYouth from ACS (it is Global Youth Day)
29 MarchDublin Romanians – Cioloca fam. (Navan)