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Board Agenda

Latest Board Meeting

Minutes for 13/02/22

Next meeting:

Saturday, 19 February, on Zoom with Dan Serb (IM president). Details on WhatsApp group.

Sunday, 12 March, as a regular board meeting


Church board

On 22 January 2022 the vote was taken for the officers/servants in the church. The board of Dublin West SDA Church for 2022-2023 (two years) will consist of: Elders: Ciaran, Farai, Jethro (and Media), Ropo; Building manager: Ferdy; Treasurer: Angela (and ACS); Secretary: Sheneece; Sabbath School: Alyn; Youth: Michael; Deacons: Femi, Nicole; Children: Sade; Music/worship: Melissa; Evangelism: Theda (literature and health), Jacinta (EPL), Omina (WM). A total of 16 people.

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