Building Docs


Plans from the Vendor

Floor plans PDF

Drawings of current plan

Drawings of what we want

Ground Floor. The main hall will be multipurpose, see pictures from our activities below.

First Floor. As much as possible all spaces should be multipurpose, see pictures from our activities below.



Middle room (on the right side of reception)

The Roller room

The Hall (full height now)

View of hall from right side corner.


Note: the 4th picture is a hallway next to stairs (left), on the first floor, that would have led to the mezzanine. There was one, used by the gym. Now it is not. We intend to have it again. The access is through that  brown door, see it also on the 2nd picture on the row above (or in the video).

Two rooms with windows

Two small rooms/storage spaces

Main room (first floor)

Gallery of activities

Meetings: committees, trainings, presentations, small-group activities, book fair, regional meetings.

Education (teaching), worship (congregation), cultural events (choirs, culture night, youth meetings), social events.

Humanitarian – community services (see our weekly activities on or