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Existing Site Location Plan

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Existing Elevations and Floor Plans

Proposed Elevations and Floor Plans (Final)


Think Contemporary – interior design

Panels for movable wall (for overflow section and for balcony)

  • Espero is a leading manufacturer. Based in Netherland, they have a distributor in Ireland. Ferdy has their details on the email. The brochure is general, but very eye-opening to possibilities.
  • Acoustic Impact is Irish. The offer they gave to DRo is very clear. The same can be applied to DW (counting the meters for the DW needs). Ferdy has their details on the email now also.

Stages (Scope of Service document)

Stage A – (1 nr. Site visit / meeting included)

  • Discuss the client’s aims and requirements, give general advice, outline possible course of action and the scopes of service to be provided.
  • Visit the site/property and carry out initial inspections.
  • Take a detailed brief from the client.

Finalised 17 November 2021.

Stage B

  • Carry out a measured survey of the existing buildings and/or the site and produce survey drawings as required.
  • Advise on the need for opening up parts of the property and for the provision of special access for inspecting the building and, if necessary:
  • Advise on the need for (and arrange for and direct) contractors to carry out the opening up or provision of access and making safe.

Finalised 14 January 2022.

Stage C

  • Present outline sketch proposals, changes retention issues, etc.
  • Consult with statutory authorities and advise the employer on the extent of, and need for compliance with statutory provisions.
  • Undertake planning searches in relation to the property and properties in the immediate area with regard to oppose changes and proposed use.
  • Undertake pre planning consultation with the local authority in relation to proposed changes to the property and proposed change of use.

Stage D

  • Prepare and present, for approval, planning design for the scheme, including:
    • sketch drawings to show the layout and appearance of the scheme;
    • timetable to completion;
    • schedule of finishes and details of the basic construction;
    • suggested contract procedures to be adopted.
  • Prepare & Complete full Set of Planning Permission Drawings. Complete Planning Application and Supporting Documentation. Seek client’s approval prior to submission.

Stage E

  • Complete and Submit a Planning Application, including planning drawings and supporting documentation and advise on timescales for:
    • planning approvals;
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