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Tax Efficient Giving / The Charitable Donation Scheme

What is Tax Efficient Giving?

The Charitable Donation Scheme (which is commonly referred to by Irish charities as “Tax Efficient Giving”) allows us (Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland) to claim tax relief on your tithes & offerings – in fact, any monetary donation which you make to the church.

How much is it worth?

If you donated €250 or more in any one calendar year, and are a taxpayer, we are able to reclaim the tax paid on your donation on your behalf, significantly increasing the value of your donation and at no extra cost for you.

It’s quite simple. We can increase your generous donation by 45% – and it won’t cost you a cent! So, for example,

  • If you gave €250 in one year, we would stand to gain an extra €112.
  • If you gave €1000, we would receive an extra €448.

It won’t cost you a single cent. It won’t affect your personal finances or tax status. There are no catches.

What are we asking you to do?

On short term. If you qualified for a donation higher than 250 euro for year 2018, you have received the “CHY3 Enduring Certificate” in the post (from Heather Keough). You can also print it from here (website) or here (Revenue).

All you need to do is fill in the brief form and return it to us in the stamped addressed envelope. You can also scan it and send it by email. Then we’ll take it from there.

When you receive the form from us, please don’t wait, please complete it and return it to us straight away. Deadline for Irish Mission is 6 December 2021.

Mind this: fill it now and for 5 years you’re good to go. No other things to fill in…

On long term. When you return tithe & give offerings – whatever the amount – please do so using a Tithe/Giving Envelope, with you name on it. Or, if you are giving online, please make sure that you send your name as part of the reference when you make your donation via bank transfer. We need to know who gave to be able to submit a tax relief claim.

(If at any stage you decide that you no longer wish to allow us to claim tax relief back on your donations, please contact us so that we can cancel their enduring certificate; but there’s not likely to be a reason why you’d want to do that.)

**If you pay tithe and other donations into the Irish Mission Account online please contact Heather so that she can collect your ‘giving data’ from the British Union Conference Treasury Dept, otherwise we cannot claim Tax Efficient Giving on your donations**

What difference will this make?

Tax Efficient Giving is a really valuable source of income for us and has generated more than €60,000 for our church since we joined the scheme in 2016 and we estimate that over the course of the next 5 years this scheme will generate an extra approximately €300,000 income for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland. As you can imagine, this additional money will really boost the work of the church across the Irish Mission.

Where will the money go?

Up until now 100% TEG / Gift Aid in UK has been returned to the local churches.

In April 2021, the Irish Mission Executive Committee discussed and took the following changes to the allocation.

  • TEG to offset the costs of setting up Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland (SDACI) to enable us to claim TEG and to formalise the church in Republic of Ireland.
  • TEG (2018-19) to support Dublin Romanian and Ballinacrow building projects.
  • From 2020, 50% of TEG to be placed in an Irish Mission building fund to help with capital projects across the Irish Mission.
  • 50% of Gift Aid from Northern Ireland will also be placed in this Irish Mission Building fund. This is will be phased at 10% overs 5 years.
  • To prepare for this transition to be implemented from 2022.

Can this scheme apply to donations made by Irish companies?

If a company donates €250 or more in a year, the company can claim a tax deduction as if the donation was a trading expense. For further information regarding companies, click here

Any queries please contact Heather Keough email:

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